illustration: divorce mediation

New York Divorce Mediation provides a safe and non-adversarial environment in which families may resolve their conflicts and negotiate mutually acceptable agreements.

NYDM provides not only Divorce Mediation services, but also the legal services needed for you to obtain an uncontested divorce.

Divorce Mediation Service

We help couples identify and resolve all issues related to the separation and divorce, including:

  • division of marital property and debt;
  • child support and spousal support;
  • custody, access and decision making for the children.

When the Mediation is complete, all the decisions you and your spouse have made can then be drafted by an attorney into a settlement agreement. Once signed, this agreement may be filed with the court and form the basis of your uncontested divorce. {Top}


We provide mediation services for people in conflict. Some family issues we have resolved include elder law disputes, same sex partnership issues, and children with school related problems. We also mediate custody, visitation, and child support issues. {Top}

Separation Agreement Service

The legal settlement, or separation, agreement can, in most cases, be prepared by the attorney/mediator for the couple. This agreement is based upon all decisions made during the Mediation process. Couples are encouraged to obtain independent legal review of the mediated agreement prior to signing. {Top}

Uncontested Divorce Document Services

Once all issues have been mutually agreed upon, and the settlement agreement prepared, the attorney/mediator can, in most cases, prepare and file with the court all documents needed to obtain an uncontested divorce. {Top}